Captured Moments – a great story to tell

Diamonds are forever but memories last for a lifetime. A wedding day is one of the most memorable events that can happen in a couple who are deeply in love. Sharing the “I do” and celebrating the joy for the new life as husband and wife is a blissful experience. It is also a moment that’s being planned so well that you want the significant people in your life, who are invited to the wedding, to see every detail of the wedding preparation to the ceremony and even the reception. And this is made possible by Same Day Edit (SDE) concept in wedding photography coverage.

same day edit

As everything in wedding is carefully planned and all choices are made by a thorough selection process, every couple would surely want to share all the minute details of their wedding via a video that tells a story of how everything was crafted and how all little things roll up to the wedding theme. The Vancouver Same Day Edit, for instance, can actually turn your wedding video coverage into one fabulous movie production.

The good thing about Same Day Edit is that apart from the couple providing the concept for the movie, the final product is also a gift/surprise for the couple themselves. All throughout the preparation and the execution of the plans, the couple are too busy thinking about a lot of stuff on their wedding day that they miss out on a lot of things. Same Day Edit Vancouver companies today offer lets the couple view everything from the perspective of the camera. They will get to see their own reaction and even the reaction of their friends — from the smiles, the laughter and even a few tears of joy from people who are truly happy for them. These are moments that are truly significant for the couple, yet with all things they have to consider and focus on, these are moments that they will not see first-hand yet because they are captured in a video, they will have plenty of time to watch it several times. Check out life studios inc.

Though not all Vancouver wedding photographers are able to produce a nice Same Day Edit video, it is because it takes the brilliance of both the videographer and the video editor all at once. The videographer must know how to capture key moments such as the couple’s kiss, the groom’s look upon seeing her bride-to-be walking towards the altar, the bride’s happiest smile seeing his groom-to-be waiting for him in the altar, the hugs and kisses from well-wishers, the look on the flower girls’ faces in pure awe as they saw the bride in a beautiful gown with a veil covering her face as if they are seeing a Disney Princess. All of these tell a story and the videographer must always be on the look-out to catch these precious moments. At the same time, the video editor must be very witty in order to put all those captured moments and patch them seamlessly to create smooth transition as they try to share a significant story. On top of that, the video editor must also know the best song that will perfectly fit the story being shown.

This is to say that even if Same Day Edit would cost a bit higher, but seeing the look on everyone’s faces when you are too busy on your wedding day to notice, you know it is so much worth it.

Swimming sportswear in the sports world

In the sporting world there are different sportswears for different sports. Though swimming can be categorized both as a sport and as a leisure activity, you still need to be in a swimming costume either way. You wear a swimming costume just before you dive into the pool. There are many types of shops dealing with sportswear today. One type of swimwear you’ll find in these shops are sports swimwear for women. Sports swimwear for women come in a variety of killer styles like the bikinis, hot pants and other swimming suits which can be printed, plain or with polka-dots prints. Make sure you choose from the shop offering mega deals in sports swimwear for women. With a few tips you will be able to choose a costume that reflect your style and at the same time serve your purpose. These tips include:

Body size and type

Your body should be the first guide when you are choosing a sports wear. Some women are big while others are small in body size and shape. No matter your body size there is always a swimwear to fit and flatter you. Always fit the costume to avoid an oversized one or one that is too tight for your body size.

Price/ affordability

The cost of the costume should be within your budget. Some sellers are generally expensive with no extra value for their products. Higher price doesn’t always mean that the swimwear is of better quality – no, do not be confused. The gain should always be more than the pain-cost. Prices are different for different swimwear for example a swim cap will cost less compared to a swimsuit. Price range is between $3.20 and $448 depending on what you wish to buy.


In a shop where there is a variety of swimwear and you have higher chances of getting exactly what you want, consider this. Fit on several costumes, then settle on the best among what you fitted.


You know your fashion best and so stick to it. Some women like old school style while others feel nice in the modern fashion. All this depends on an individual’s taste, so do not be carried away. Also take into consideration the kind of print you’d like.

Taste and color

Different women like different colors. For example, some would wish to have bright colors, others earth toned and others are not even sure what color to choose. Remember the color you settle on has an effect on your body appearance, so choose wisely or ask the seller to assist you.


In the swimwear market, there are some fabrics to choose from, including:

Lycra – this fabric is also known as spandex. It is comfortable and can stretch.

Polyester – it is a fabric made from polyurethane fiber which is strong and durable.

Nylon – it is commonly used instead of polyester.


 You want to enjoy swimming, right? Choose a costume that is comfortable. A comfortable costume is one that you feel free in. Do not choose an oversized costume or a tight one. This can be assured by fitting it before buying. Make sure you can bend and make other common movements comfortably in your costume.

Photocopier – an important gadget in every office

While emphasizing the importance of a photocopier in an office or business establishment, some of the experts in office management and automation point out that the ‘photocopier completes the process of office automation’. They continue and point out that photocopier has become an inseparable gadget of the office. Therefore, if the photocopier malfunctions, then the work in the office can get crippled. In such a situation you will have to avail the services of sufficiently experienced photocopier repair and service agencies.

Abundant experience:

These agencies have experience in repair and servicing of all brands of photocopiers. In addition to this, the photocopier repair agencies also undertake plotter and office printer repair and servicing jobs. Just a telephone call would be enough to requisition the services of an experienced technician to attend to the defective photocopier.

Some of the other salient features of photocopier repair services offered by these agencies are briefly explained here:

·        These agencies undertake to attend to all types of repair and servicing works of a photocopier. As already said, they also undertake repair of printers and plotters like, for example, all types of hp laser jet, hp designjet service Sydney and so on.

·        It is perhaps needless to point out that performance of any photocopier and also printer largely depends on how efficiently they are maintained. These agencies undertake to maintain every model and make of photocopier. Just enter into an agreement with the agency and the skilled technicians would attend to the work at regular intervals so as to ensure your office work does not suffer as a result of malfunctioning of either the photocopier or the printer.

photocopier repair

·        The staff is exclusively trained, and they are sufficiently experienced in taking up any kind of maintenance tasks, including printers like hp designjet or large format printer repair jobs. Every job they undertake is carried out with due diligence. The technicians always provide on the site repair and service. The technicians visit the client in a fully equipped van which contains not only the gadgets but also the spares and other consumables. The technicians are so skilled they have a track record of about 98% success in the first visit itself.

·        If you are in immediate need of toner, just give a call and the agency will ensure it is delivered at no extra cost. On the other hand, every consumable you buy will fetch you a considerable amount of discount. This applies to spare parts supplied by these agencies.

·        With their vast experience spanning over two decades, these agencies have gained enough expertise in undertaking all kinds of repairs and servicing works. The agencies have a batch of highly skilled, trained and experienced workforce, which ensures every assigned task is completed as per the satisfaction of the clients. The staff is trained at periodical intervals so as to keep them informed about technological improvements in the field of photocopier and printers.

·        The agencies are known for a high degree of transparency in their service charges. They ensure that the service charges do not have any kind of hidden charges.

Visit the website:

You may visit these photocopier and printer service agencies to get further insight into the various services offered by them.

Can Your Bankruptcy be Cancelled?

Bankruptcies generally come to an end as a result of two options: a discharge or an annulment when the debtor decides to cancel a bankruptcy. Discharge is the “natural” option when your bankruptcy comes to an end and you are no longer bankrupt. There are several grounds for discharge. For example, if your bankruptcy came about as a result of you presenting a petition, a Debtor’s Petition, you will be charged from the bankruptcy after three years and one day after your petition was filed and the statement of affairs was deposited with AFSA.

There are situations where you may also be made bankrupt through a sequestration order by a court of law. In this case too, you will be discharged from your bankruptcy three years and one day after AFSA accepted your complete statement of affairs. This is why it is always advisable to lodge the statement of affairs as soon as possible in order to prevent you from being bankrupt for longer than three years. There are situations where your bankruptcy may last up to 8 years if there is an objection by your trustee.

Cancellation of Bankruptcy or Annulment

Annulment refers to a situation where you cancel a bankruptcy before the end of the 3-year time duration required for bankruptcy discharge. One may cancel a bankruptcy under the following situations:

  • All the creditors’ debts, as well as the expenses of the trustee, have been fully paid.
  • There is a composition or arrangement with your creditors and they have accepted a payment that is less of the full payment as part of the settlement.
  • Court application by the debtor to cancel the bankruptcy. In this case, you successfully apply for the annulment of your bankruptcy.

Consequences of Bankruptcy Cancellation

Once you cancel a bankruptcy successfully, your name is going to appear in the National Personal Insolvency Index permanently. The record on the NPII will show that the bankruptcy was annulled. It will also show on the credit report by the credit reporting agencies for a duration of up to  years from the date when your bankruptcy is cancelled or for a duration of up to 5 years from the date when your bankruptcy was cancelled, whichever of these comes later. Check out

There are other consequences that you will also grapple with after the cancellation of the bankruptcy. These include the following:

  • The assets which are not required by the creditors and the trustee in order to pay their expenses and fees will be given back to you.
  • You still have liability over debts which were not provable at the time you were declaring or being forced into bankruptcy.
  • If you had granted your creditors access to your assets such as mortgages, they will still retain rights over those assets even after the annulment of the bankruptcy. These rights may include the power to take over your assets and sell these assets if you default on any repayments.

Planning to cancel a bankruptcy? Looking for any assistance with your bankruptcy cancellation? Contact Debt Mediators in order to get assistance. Visit for more information.

Top Three Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

When it’s time for you to exchange marital vows with your significant other, you need to think of ways to make your big day special. You should select a theme that is agreeable and significant fpr the both of you. Thailand offers you many beautiful, unique venues and settings for the ultimate wedding and even honeymoon. Moreover, you can use the services of a marry me wedding planner Thailand to take away the stress of putting everything in place for your big day.

Marry me weddings Thailand are convenient for both Thai nationals and foreigners desiring destination weddings in this Asiatic haven. Marry Me Thailand offers wedding planning services through convenient, affordable romantic packages to couples who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

The company is owned by a married couple who have a deep knowledge on Thailand and the competence to meet unique, individual needs for each wedding.

Three Crucial Reasons to Contract a Marry Me Wedding Planner Thailand

  1. Wedding planners ensure that there is proper coordination in the entire planning process as this is their expertise.

While Thailand is truly an enchanting tropical paradise, not all weddings are guaranteed of success. The stress of booking a venue, planning for a cake, and making travel arrangements for guests can be overwhelming. This creates room for failure in some planning aspects.

A marry me Thailand wedding is planned by professionals who have organised other events and are knowledgeable in what they do. Provided you give lots of information about what you want for your wedding, you can rest easy – knowing that your wedding will turn out fine.

  1. Wedding planners can reduce the cost for you.

If you’re organising a mega wedding, you will need all the discounts you can get to keep costs as low as possible. With the experience and connections of wedding planners, you can be certain that they will get discounts in areas like venue booking and wedding cake.

True, you will need to pay the planner for their services. However, in addition to the discounts they can bargain for you, you will not have to spend your resources getting information about several wedding issues.

With a marry me wedding planner Thailand, there are various packages that suit different budgets.

  1. You get to relax while waiting for the big day.

All the plans preceding a wedding are usually numerous and when coupled with the emotional implications of an impending marriage, the love birds can be overwhelmed.

With a marry me wedding Thailand, all these are handled for you. You can relax and spend more time selecting a tuxedo or a wedding dress as you undergo important counselling in readiness for the marriage.

For weddings in Thailand, you can try out many, different and amazing concepts. From roof top weddings and beach ceremonies to luxury resort weddings, you have the freedom to choose the venue of your dreams as the wedding planner willl help make the day a success. Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, Phuket, Krabi, and Bangkok are some of the Thai locations that most couples choose to wed at.

To exploit the wedding planning services of Marry Me Thailand, visit their website on to view all their romantic packages.

Explore the Vibrant Melbourne CBD Nightlife Scene

The city of Melbourne is known to be cultural, along with plenty of night entertainment options.  At night, the myriad bars, nightclubs, and restaurants open their doors to thousands of revelers, who are out to sample the city’s nightlife scene. With so many Melbourne CBD nightclubs, there is always something to do when the sun sets over Victoria’s capital.

Melbourne CBD Nightclubs

Melbourne CBD Nightclubs

Moreover, Melbourne is known for its young, hip, and fun-loving population. Many of them are students from universities and technical institutes, eager to explore all that the city has to offer.

The city’s nightclubs are situated in several pockets dotted across Melbourne. Also, there are several cool haunts found outside the city, where one can have a fantastic time. One main habit of Melbourne party animals is club hopping across numerous Melbourne CBD nightclubs, taking it all in at the go.

Club hopping enables you to sample most of what the Melbourne nightlife scene offers. That is why Melbourne has always been regarded as the city of nightclubs. Whatever your entertainment preferences are, you can always find something that adequately suits your entertainment needs.

These range from the biggest entertainment complexes that seem to accommodate almost every Melbourne resident to the small boutique nightclubs in Melbourne CBD, which caters to the unique tastes and preferences of party-goers. When partying in Melbourne, the various nightclub options might tempt you to dance until sunrise with their broad range of music genres.

These music genres include commercial, jazz, electronic music, reggae, RnB, Latin, and Swing. Several Melbourne CBD nightclubs also play live music bands. For music lovers, there are excellent tunes made by both local and international DJs in some nightclubs. In addition, live entertainment is a particularly population option in numerous Melbourne entertainment joints.

Popular Melbourne Nightclubs

Whether you are looking for a quirky or a more mainstream entertainment option, there are plenty of clubs and nightclubs to choose from in Melbourne. Some of the most popular entertainment complexes include The Silk Road Bar and Lounge, which offers a fusion of East and West, serving patrons a host of exquisite beverages.

The Blue Diamond is a unique Melbourne nightclub, perched 15 stories high right in the centre of Melbourne CBD. Here, you can soak in some pints while taking in the beautiful Melbourne skyline. Also, the club sits in a penthouse location and is ringed by a beautiful and meandering balcony with good view. The Billboard Nightclub is another Melbourne classic that has been around for 40 years. This upscale entertainment joint serves both the young and the old.

Sorry Grandma is another exquisite nightclub in Melbourne CBD whose clientele mainly consists of young adults, who are looking for plenty of fun. Many of these are students in Melbourne’s universities, colleges, and institutes. This club also hosts numerous events and functions that many young and hip Melbourne thrill-seekers certainly enjoy.

With plenty of unique nightclubs that cater to every taste, the Melbourne CBD nightlife scene is certainly one to die for. Visit